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Faux Painted and Not Sandblasted!

“We were torn for over a year as to what color to paint over our painted white brick front house. The front design of the house is unique and charming with historic stone details and trim details, and we wanted to be very carefull with how we presented it. We used color simulation software, consulted designers, color consultants, and we weren’t satisfied with the paint schemes they gave us.

After much research, we decided to bring in The Brick Painters, and boy did they hit the nail on the head! We have since recieved many compliments on how wonderfull the transformation has been. Our facebook friends can’t believe that this was faux painted and not sandblasted.

I am an engineer and I take my time with my decisions and I couldn’t be happier with this decision! Your work crew is patient and meticulus and don’t leave until they have satisfied the customer. Two thumbs up and a firm recommendation!”

Anand V.

An Amazing Transformation!

My biggest regret is not having the brick painted sooner. It made a huge difference in the appearance of our building. Craig did a great job explaining the process to all of the onlookers. The guys showed up at the promised times and worked diligently to get our project finished quickly.

An amazing transformation and a fun process to watch. The paint scheme that Craig suggested really brought out the features of the building. Great job!

Jeff Archer, Statesville, North Carolina

In Awe!!!

I just wanted to let you know how great everything looks. My husband is in awe of how amazing this looks. He came home last night and could not get over how incredible it looks . . . he described it as over and beyond what he envisioned! You should take great pride in your work as you are truly talented.

Judi Lippert, Westchester, NY

WOW! That Looks Great!!!

“I am sending you pictures of my beautiful house. We are so happy with the outcome. We have been sitting on the porch and people will slow down and point, or stop and comment. We haven't heard anything negative . . . only WOW! That looks great!!!


This truly turns our home into the original brick it started out to be over 100 years ago. We looked many places and checked into sandblasting, however due to the age of the brick, it was not possible. Your crew was courteous and had many visitors stop and ask questions. They were always willing to take time to explain the process. They were very thorough and cleaned and removed all tape and materials. I just cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job and the transformation of our old brick home!”

M. King, Ohio

Incredible Price!

“After comparing prices for sandblasting and chemical stripping, price seems almost free! Now we have more money left for other projects!”

Tracy C, Toronto, Ontario

No Way!

That is what my friends and neighbours say when I tell them that I had my brick walls Painted. Even when they go right up to the wall and touch it, they still can’t beleive it… It looks so real!

Jim and Cathy Riccotti, Peterborough, Ontario

Totally Satisfied

My husband and I are totally satisfied with the results of The Brick on our house. We can’t believe how nice it looks now. We were skeptical at first but once a sample was completed on our wall we were sold!

K. Kane, Peterborough, Ontario

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