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Where Excellence And Experience Meets Opportunity.

Faux Finish Restoration Brick Re-Painting. 

The Brick Painters Certified Installer Logo

The Brick Painters Ltd. Certified Installer Program Opens Doors To More Jobs and MORE PAY.


Introducing The Brick Painters’ Certified Installer Program, where Excellence and Experience Meets Endless Opportunity!

We’re actively recruiting Certified Installers Across North America to help solve the million-dollar question:

“How can I restore the authentic look and charm of my painted brick building?”


If you’re a professional painter, contractor or preservation/restoration business looking to tap into a new and limitless market segment, we want to talk to you about becoming a Brick Painters Ltd. Certified Installer.


Our Certified Installer Program has everything to help make you a success, from training to finding you more high paying jobs.

Here are some of the Key Benefits of becoming a Brick Painters Ltd. Certified Installer:

  1. Low Cost of Entry.

  2. Comprehensive Training.

  3. Certification Status & Recognition on 

  4. Support.

  5. Sales & Marketing.

  6. Credibility.

  7. Customer Trust.

  8. Business Growth.

  9. Job Referrals.

  10. Industry Recognition.

  11. Competitive Edge.

  12. Networking.

  13. Industry Updates.

  14. Less Risk.

  15. Higher Earnings In an untapped 'super-niche'.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified installer, get it touch with us now and we'll send you the information package.















The market for this is limitless and opportunities are everywhere


As a Certified Installer your name will be associated with the Brick Painters Ltd. who are the inventors and innovators of this revolutionary business with a massive portfolio of jobs that you can showcase to your potential customers.

This program is designed to recruit, train, establish, market, generate leads and enable a world class network of skilled trades and forward-thinking businesses who are experts in applying our proven and award winning, proprietary, faux-finish brick painting technique.


As a Certified Installer, you'll not only enhance your skills, generate more profitable revenue, be ten steps ahead of your competition... and you’ll also be tapping into the virtually limitless opportunity of restoring already painted brick buildings to their authentic charm and appearance.

Still not convinced?  Check out Our Work and see for your self... You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

The Brick Painters Certified Installer Logo

Our Founder, Peter Woodworth Talks Certified Installers

The Brick Painters Certified Installer Logo
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