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Peter Woodworth.  Founder.  Strategic Advisor. Major Projects Consultant.

Peter Woodworth (Uncle Pete)

Founder. Strategic Advisor.

Major Projects Consultant.

In the world of entrepreneurship, few stories captivate and inspire as much as that of Peter Woodworth, the industry luminary who dared to defy the status quo and pave his own way at the young age of 16. 

Leaving behind a mundane, underpaid full-time job, Peter embarked on a weekend side-hustle that would not only change the face of masonry across North America but also reach as far as Australia.

For the past 50 years Peter has been perfecting his technique and transforming the face of masonry, one brick at a time.  

Matt (Woody) Woodworth.  Owner & CEO.

Matt (Woody) Woodworth

Owner & CEO.

Meet Woody, a visionary leader with over 30 years of experience.

Now, the CEO of The Brick Painters Ltd., Woody has worked on several projects with Peter since the 1980s.

Woody has deep insight and a wealth of knowledge in what he calls a ‘Super Niche’ that The Brick Painters Ltd. have pioneered and continue to lead.

His focus as CEO is to make the solution available to customers everywhere.  He will do this by implementing a Certified Installer Program that will enable our partners to deliver the best quality work and an unparalleled customer experience.

Jamie is responsible for ensuring that The Brick Painters Ltd. entire customer experience is extraordinary in every aspect, throughout our engagement.  Jamie’s vision is to build a referral network based on our first-class work and on our gold-standard customer experience.


Additionally, as Uncle Pete's Chief Apprentice, Jamie is responsible for training and developing our teams and Certified Installer Network, not only on the application of our revolutionary Faux-Finish but also on how to ensure a consistent and exceptional customer experience everywhere.

Jamie Woodworth Chief Customer Officer

Jamie Woodworth

Chief Customer Officer.

Noah Woodworth.  Chief Technical Officer.

Noah Woodworth

Chief Technical Officer.

As Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Noah ensures that The Brick Painters Ltd. leverages the best technology in software, automation, and communication to keep us and our entire network of Certified Installers efficient and effective in delivering world class work.

Noah’s degree in Physics positions him perfectly to help solve complex problems.

He also enjoys ‘wall time’ which helps keep a finger on the pulse of new innovations that translate into value for our customers, teams, and Certified Installers.

Michele Woodworth.  COO.

Michele Woodworth

Owner &Chief Operating Officer.

Michele brings over two decades of administration and project management experience to The Brick Painters Ltd.


As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Michele is responsible for all ‘back-office’ duties including finance, project management, analysis, administration and keeping the entire team on track so that we can deliver on our customer promises.

Michele also likes to get out of the office and enjoys ‘wall time’, where she works closely with our teams to apply The Brick Painters’ Ltd. revolutionary Faux-Finish and meet with customers.

Mission Statement

As the originators of Faux Finish restoration Brick / masonry repainting, our mission is to beautify and add-value to communities and properties by restoring their natural, authentic and historic brickwork appearance.

The Brick Painters strive to offer an exceptional customer experience throughout every engagement.   We will provide a positive, and  lasting impression of the finest quality craftmanship available anywhere. 

 To The Brick Painters, each and every project is a unique  expression of our work….

  …You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!


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