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Our Partners

The Brick Painters Ltd. are proud of our partnerships because they help us bring more experience, expertise and ultimately, a lot more value to our customers.

All of our partners undergo a rigorous screening process that must at a minimum demonstrate that they possess the same core values as we do at The Brick Painters Ltd.  

They are:

  • Trustworthiness

  • Open and honest customer communications

  • Integrity

  • Pride in workmanship and results

  • Customer references

  • Complimentary services that help our customers succeed

  • Extraordinary Customer experience


Here is our growing list:

Donovan Masonry Logo

[Ottawa, Ontario] - The Brick Painters Ltd., architects of the faux-finish painted brick restoration and the masonry staining industry, are delighted to announce a strategic alliance with Donovan Masonry


This partnership unites the originality of The Brick Painters Ltd.’s pioneering services with Donovan Masonry’s time-honoured craftsmanship, creating a synergy that promises to astonish clients, inspiring the sentiment, "I don't believe my eyes!"


The Brick Painters Ltd. brings to the table ground-breaking techniques that have shaped the industry, setting the stage for brickwork as a canvas for architectural artistry. 


Donovan Masonry complements this with their consummate skill in masonry, ensuring each project rests on a solid foundation of structural integrity and historical masonry practices. 


Expert masons enhance the creative finishes with precise workmanship in stone cutting, mortar preparation, and brick laying that not only solidify but elevate the aesthetic finish for head-turning curb appeal.


Matt Woodworth, CEO of The Brick Painters Ltd., sees this union as a melding of innovation with artisanal masonry, poised to redefine the brickwork landscape. In parallel, Donovan Syryduk, CEO of Donovan Masonry, values the distinctive finishing techniques The Brick Painters Ltd. introduced to the market, anticipating that their joint service offering will establish new precedents in the industry. 


Both leaders are deeply committed to this balanced partnership that intertwines pioneering creativity with reliable craftsmanship. This strategic partnership is not just an integration of services; it’s an alliance that fuses imaginative restoration with proven masonry excellence, offering clients comprehensive solutions that are both visually stunning and built to last. 


To explore how this partnership can enhance the character and durability of your brick structures, visit  and

About The Brick Painters Ltd.: 

The Brick Painters Ltd. is the founder of the modern approach to brick restoration, introducing the industry to high-quality faux-finish painting and masonry staining, with a dedication to both aesthetic appeal and longevity. 


About Donovan Masonry:

Donovan Masonry is a pillar of masonry expertise, upholding the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship and precision. Their alliance with The Brick Painters Ltd. represents a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and innovative solutions in brickwork transformation. 








Mark Belanger Realty

Photo of Mark Belanger

Mark Belanger definitely checks all the boxes for what The Brick Painters Ltd. look for in a partner!

In addition to providing outstanding service excellence, valuable community insights and great video content to the National Capital Region (NCR), Mark also brings his solid track record of charitable fundraising to his business and the communities he serves.

Mark is The Brick Painter Ltd.'s Go-To person for all Ottawa based realtors that wish to work with the Brick Painters ltd. 

Please visit Mark HERE for all of your Ottawa real estate needs.  You'll be happy you did! 


Mark Belanger Realty Logo
The Village Workshops Logo

The Village Workshops and Storage Solutions.

The Brick Painters Ltd. are proud to call themselves VILLAGERS.

Being able to securely access our equipment, inventory, and workshop 24x7x365 allows us complete flexibility and also lets us be far more nimble for our customers and that helps make them successful.

"The fact that The Village Workshops are always accessible and totally secure gives us an edge in our business."

THE VILLAGE is more than just a place to do our work and store our equipment and supplies... It's a community of like-minded business people and entrepreneurs who help each-other out and learn from each other.

We don't plan on leaving any time soon!

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