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Brick Painting Services

Building with red bricks restored

Residential Restoration Services.

Commercial building with restored painted brick

Commercial Restoration Services.

Heritage Facade brick rehabilitation

Heritage Facade Rehabilitation Services.

The Brick Painters Ltd. offers all the services you need for restoring your brickwork back to its original unpainted appearance.

  • Expert Brick Painting Services: Commercial, Industrial, and Residential.

  • Professional Masonry Patching: Repairing Deteriorating Surfaces.

  • Vandalism and Graffiti Restoration: Bringing Walls Back to Their Original Beauty.

  • Precision Touch-Ups: Specializing in Arches, accents, and Decorative Brickwork.

  • Brick Repair and Re-pointing: Preparing Your Walls for Painting.

  • Thorough Wall Preparation Services: Including Wire Brushing and Pre-Washing.

  • Stone Sill Repainting Services: Enhancing the Look of Your Stone Features.

  • Large Wall Painting Experts: Equipped for Any Scale Project.

Brick Wall

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