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Brick Pattern

Our Work

Before: It’s everywhere. Every main street, every town, U.S.A. and Canada. An older Building with many coats of old, flaking paint, areas with damaged brick, and stuccoed panels.  After: Old stucco panels removed, nail holes, broken brick & deteriorated mortar areas repaired with mortar “floated in”. Primed & repainted add highlight color to decorative brickwork….

Project 2: Stonewall, Oklahoma.

The Brick Painters USA has completed this fabulous project in Stonewall Oklahoma, just north of Dallas. For Don Childers, Architect and Ed McKerely, Construction Manager.

Project 3: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Change the Color of your Brick With Staining!

Before: Not bad… After: WOW! what a difference! Any colour, any brick. Imagine what YOU could do!

Project 4: Richmond, Virginia.

Faux finish repainting to change the bright red paint of a national chain, to a natural unpainted appearance, required by the new owners. Note the two new custom colors to simulate additions.

Before: Older, weathered, painted finish. This façade is in need of a new paint job! After: Complete “faux finish” painting. Including: All brick and mortar units, including buff accents. Sills, keystones and parapet cap to a “natural stone appearance”. Repainting of window frames and cornice. Caulking of windows. Sidewalk scaffolding. 40′ articulating lift. 5 days…