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Expert Brick Painters:
Restore your Building to its Original, Historic, “Unpainted Appearance”

Serving Ottawa & Toronto.

Why Choose Brick Painters?

The Brick Painters Ltd. can RE-PAINT your already painted brick, back to a natural, authentic, brick and mortar appearance. Using our “Faux Finish Restoration Painting Technique”.  You won’t believe your eyes!

Cost Effective

It’s a more cost effective solution for changing the look of your brick.

Green Approach

You will avoid unleashing lead paint and chemicals from existing paint and avoid EPA approvals.

Variety of Colors

You have full control over brick colour and tone! Red, blond, grey – you name it, we create it.


45 Years




1 Million

Square Feet of Brick Surfaces Restored

Our Brick Restoration Services

We make restoring your painted brick surfaces easy and cost-effective. Choose from our range of restoration and brick painting services.

Residential Restoration Services

Residential Restoration Services

Commercial Restoration Services

Commercial Restoration Services

Heritage Facade Rehabilitation Services

Heritage Facade Rehabilitation Services

The Brick Painters Ltd. is committed to preserving North America’s national heritage, and operating as an environmental steward in each project we undertake.

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What Our Satisfied Clients Say

Totally Satisfied

My husband and I are totally satisfied with the results of The Brick on our house. We can’t believe how nice it looks now. We were skeptical at first but once a sample was completed on our wall we were sold!

K. Kane, Peterborough, Ontario

WOW! That Looks Great!!!

“I am sending you pictures of my beautiful house. We are so happy with the outcome. We have been sitting on the porch and people will slow down and point, or stop and comment. We haven't heard anything negative . . . only WOW! That looks great!!!


This truly turns our home into the original brick it started out to be over 100 years ago. We looked many places and checked into sandblasting, however due to the age of the brick, it was not possible. Your crew was courteous and had many visitors stop and ask questions. They were always willing to take time to explain the process. They were very thorough and cleaned and removed all tape and materials. I just cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job and the transformation of our old brick home!”

M. King, Ohio

For more client reviews, visit our Testimonials page.

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10 Year Warranty on all Labour & Materials

Quality Work from our Award Winning Team

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