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Preservation in Action: The Brick Painters' Touch on Napanee Town Hall

We're excited to share that The Brick Painters Ltd. is handling the brick restoration of the historic Napanee Town Hall, originally built in 1856.


This project is a significant part of the Town of Greater Napanee's plan to update the building and the surrounding Market Square.


The Brick Painters Ltd specializes in repainting brick and restoration, contributing to the revitalization of community spaces across North America.





Our work often helps boost local economies by improving the appearance and functionality of key downtown areas.


The Napanee Town Hall project aligns perfectly with our goals of quality craftsmanship and community enhancement.


Our faux finish approach involves the careful application of a range of natural brick colors, ensuring a seamless blend that not only matches the original red brick but also enhances the overall aesthetic. This technique ensures that the building maintains a consistent, revitalized appearance that resonates with the timeless charm of natural brick, looking impeccable for years to come.

The renovation plans also include landscaping and public space improvements, aiming to make the area more inviting and useful for residents and visitors. These changes are generating a lot of interest and support from the local community.


We're proud to be part of the effort to maintain and enhance the Napanee Town Hall.


Keep an eye on our updates as we help transform this historic site into a renewed focal point for the community.  

For more information about our projects, visit our website or get in touch with us.

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